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Personal Home Care

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Personal Home Care services includes home care, personal care, Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care, Recovery Assistance care, Companion care, Care with Activities of Daily Living.

Our Personal Home Care Solution

Home Services (light house keeping, grocery shopping, Laundry, etc) , Home Health Check (Free home assessment for fall risks), Monitored by a Registered Nurse or a Physical Therapist

Understanding the Roles of a Home Care Agency

The Agency’s Role with its Caregivers It is well known in at-home elder care that great caregivers like to work through an agency. The agency provides the marketing that they lack individually. Here is what that means: When services are no longer needed with a particular family, the agency assigns them to another care recipient, […]

Senior and Elderly Home Health Care Services in Harrisburg & Chambersburg

Senior and Elderly Home Health Care Services in Harrisburg & Chambersburg

Many seniors living in the United States need some type of special elderly health care but do not require comprehensive 24/7 support from a senior living facility. Instead, they prefer to get what help they need from a caregiver while still living at home and remaining as independent lifestyle. For many people, in-home senior health […]

Benefits of Home Care For the Elderly

Benefits of Home Care For the Elderly

There are many benefits to home care for the elderly. From companionship and ensuring that there is someone around to look after your elderly loved one’s well being even when you are not present, home care has multiple benefits. Here at Precision HHC we have provided you with 6 great reasons why you should use […]

Our Companion Care Solution

Conversation, Reading, Writing, Games, Crafts, Playing Cards, Walking, Planning, Cooking, Serving Meals, Baking for Holidays and Special Occasions, shopping and more…

Our 24-Hour Care Solution

Companion services, Home Services, Personal Care Services, Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care Services

Our Recovery Assistance Care Solution

Personal Care, Change in condition alerts, Medication pickups, Meal sensitivity for nausea, Light housekeeping, Alerts for changes in condition, 24 hour care, Respite care and more…

Our Personal Care Solution

Reading, Companionship, Grooming, Hygiene, Mobilization, Exercising, Walking, Monitoring of vitals, etc.

Our Home Care Solution

Home Services include General Cleaning; Vacuuming; Dusting; Washing Floors; Washing Dishes; Laundry; Ironing; Changing Beds; Defrosting Refrigerators/Freezers;

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