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Precision Offers an Alternative to Senior Living Facilities

Precision Offers an Aalternative to Senior Living Facilities

27th October 2014 – When seniors reach the phase in their lives when a measure of health care is needed to carry on with day to day lives, people charged with making sure they receive the proper level of care may automatically turn to some sort of senior living facility such as an assisted living residence or a nursing home. However, home health care services such as the ones that are offered by Precision HHC offers an alternative senior living facilities – one that provides seniors with the care that they need in a comfortable environment.

What Precision HHC Does

In essence, Precision HHC provides seniors with a quality peer-to-peer home health care strategy in a manner that preserves and safeguards their respect and dignity. They deliver this strategy through a host of key medical services, including:

  • Skilled Nursing
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Medical Social Services
  • Home Health Aides

Each service that Precision HHC offers is carried out through nurses and aides that bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the bedside. The services that are offered are less expensive to nursing home or long term care facilities for patients that are in need of this particular care. In fact, it should be noted that a health home service such as the services provided by Precision HHC can occur at no cost to the senior or the family of the senior. The reason for this is that Medicare typically pays 100% of the expenses for the services that are offered. While these forms of Medicare-paid services run in conjunction with certain eligibility requirements, seniors and families of seniors that qualify will experience a crucial relief from the financial responsibility that oftentimes places a hefty weight on the patient’s family.

How the Services are Carried Out

The key component to the services that Precision HHC offers its patients is that each service is built on a platform of deep personal empathy for patients and their families. They do not lose sight of the fact that the seniors that are aided are people that have a certain measure of dignity that should remain intact at all times.

They also work in conjunction with the patient’s physician to ensure that the care that is needed is carried out properly and skillfully. This allows them to hone in on the precise level of care that needs to be carried out, whether this involves speech therapy to improve a patient’s speech in the wake of a stroke or cancer, the deployment of a skilled nursing service for more complex individualized treatment.

Ultimately, regardless of what service is offered, the goal behind the Precision HHC is to provide a level of senior care high enough in quality to make it a viable alternative to traditional facilities. They are able to achieve this goal not only through compassion, but also by providing skilled nursing and home health aide options that can deploy a top-level of care – all at a price point that is cost-effective and, in some cases, covered by Medicare.

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