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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Programs at Precision Home HealthCare, Inc. are here for better communication
Understanding you when you express yourself is one of our greatest concerns. Precision Home HealthCare, Inc. recognizes the basic human need, to understand and to be understood.blogimg

Considering limiting factors or conditions, such us autism, cerebral palsy, or even the influence of certain medications, our speech therapists deliver communication enhancement programs to help you, and your family overcome many of these communication obstacles.

Precision Home HealthCare, Inc. speech therapists are able to provide training, activities and programs like communication skills evaluation and assessment, sensory skills evaluation, improvements in speech delays, and articulation exercises.

Speech therapy specialties include:

  • Dysphagia treatment
  • Post stroke care
  • Assistive communication devices

Enhancement programs will be readily available upon your request. For more information about speech therapy, please call (570) 622-1323. Let yourself or someone you know get the benefits this program has to offer.

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